Expert advice on:

  1. Dietary assessment of all kind of epidemiological studies (case-control studies, nutrition surveys, cohort studies, etc.).
  2. Design of epidemiological studies.
  3. Creation and management databases.
  4. Nutritional analysis with MACRODIETA tool.
  5. Writing of nutritional reports.

reparation of::

  1. Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ) validated to assess diet.
  2. Studies of FFQ validity.
  3. Instructions and access to platform for efficient data collection.
  4. Nutritional reports.

Research training:

  1. For survey takers and fieldworkers.
  2. In data analysis

MACRODIETA is software developed by the EPINUT group for nutritional analysis. This software allows researchers to measure:

  • Food intake (portions or grams/day).
  • Nutrient intake, crude and adjusted by energy intake (Willet’s or residual method).
  • Food group intake pre-established ad hoc.
  • Food quality indexes: Healthy diet (aHEI), Mediterrean diet (AMED).
  • Personal intake reports according to recommendations.
  • Food and people groups.
  • Main foods related to a specific nutrient intake.

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25 April 2013